Canada's Oil Sands.

Canada's oil sands are believed to be the second largest oil reserve on earth (next to Saudi Arabia) and represent an enormous economic opportunity for Canada and Big Oil. Unfortunately, the economy and the environment do not always share the same priorities, often one flourishes at the other's expense.

The current oil sand mining methodologies are driven by cost and technology limitations, resulting in processes that make this mining operation one of the world's greatest environmental threats. Global demand and capitalism continue to drive priorities, positioning environmental concerns far behind profits.

It is unrealistic to suggest this oil should not be mined, but it is completely reasonable to suggest there is a more responsible way to do it. Big Oil is realizing record profits at the expense of our environment. This drive for extreme profits is driven by moral and ethical compromises, a cycle that must be broken.

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Proposal is an extreme example of Big Oil's thirst for profit and disregard for the environment. The proposal puts thousands of square miles of wilderness at risk with little reward for local populations. This is not acceptable, especially considering Big Oil's history of system failures.

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