Big Oil wants to build two 1177km (731mi) pipelines and run 250 super tankers annually through one of the most ecologically rich places left on earth, Northwest British Columbia, Canada. This project is known as the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project. The people who live in this area do not want this risky project to be approved, along with the majority of Canadians polled.

Today technology offers us an opportunity to take a snapshot of this pivotal moment in history to document the dynamic struggle between big oil, government, people and the environment.

Our goal is to capture video statements from everyone who lives in the areas that would be affected by a major oil spill

and organize them in a custom-built system that allows users to sort/map based on various criteria. We want to put a face and a story with every opinion. Ultimately, this tool will deliver a detailed historical account of the perspective of the people who are fighting to preserve their community, environment and way of life. We call this project Equilibrium Engine, as we hope the tools we develop will help bring balance to a variety of issues.

Help us document this disaster.