This Project is About Change.

It's about democracy and understanding what the people really want. We are more than voter ballots and signatures on petitions - we're people with good stories, ideas, opinions and perspectives motivated by important things. This project is about understanding motivations and capturing unique perspectives. It's about personal representation.

Corporations spend millions of dollars to manipulate public opinion in their favor, while the public has little representation or ability to share ideas or influence peers systematically. There is an imbalance. This project wants to change that. Our objective is to provide a platform for local people to voice opinions about the Northern Gateway Pipelines Proposal. We hope to systematically collect statements from nearly every person along the proposed pipeline and tanker routes.







We will collect stories, geographic information and basic demographic data. We want to take a snapshot of who we are - and what we're up against. This collection of opinions, perspectives, information and statistics can be sorted and measured. We end up with qualitative and quantitative data that can be used to shape our engagement strategies and strengthen our collective case.

This system can unite all of the fragmented groups and individuals working hard on this cause. We can all use this system to organize and share ideas and benefit form each others efforts. This database of measurable, passionate, opinions and statistics will be difficult for project stakeholders to ignore.